Ecuador’s Cotopaxi National Park Offers Superb Camping And Hiking

The South American country of Ecuador is a wonderful place to explore at any time of the year. One of the best ways to do it is by combining camping, trail riding, and hiking. This allows you to get close to nature and the environment. You’ll even find that some hotels offer camping facilities and beach camping on the Pacific coast and up in the Andean highlands is also quite popular.

cotopaxi national park

One of the best ways to camp is in the mountains close to the ocean and a great place for this is close to the beautiful active volcano called Cotopaxi. The volcano is 5,897 metres above sea level and is surrounded by spectacular scenery and countryside which lies about 40 miles from the equator.

There is a national park at the volcano called Cotopaxi National Park which is about two hours away from the capital city of Quito. The park is filled with valleys and mountains and is about 33,400 hectares in size.

The park is an ideal place to wander and explore as it lies next to three Ecuadorian provinces. It’s the biggest volcanic region in Ecuador and is also surrounded by many small and charming Andean villages. There are also several guided tours in the region if you’d like to learn about the history of the area.