Croatia: A Haven for Campers and Hikers!

It’s believed that campers from Western Europe actually discovered the country of Croatia during a cross-continent trek hundreds of years ago and more and more of them have been visiting the country annually ever since.

There are many reasons so many visitors come to explore this gorgeous country. It offers preserved and unique nature and impressive landscapes in its eight National Parks, protected areas, and reserves. The nation enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild autumns and springs which make it ideal for camping and hiking.


Croatia also has over 1100 beautiful islands, wonderful beaches, a spectacular indented seacoast, coves, pine forests, rivers, lakes, forests, streams, mountains, marshlands, and charming small coastal towns.  The countryside is so spectacular that nearly a third of all visitors to are campers as the campgrounds are as diverse as the nation. Many visitors love to explore the regions along the coast as the sites offer quality, safety, tradition, and interesting flora and fauna.

Most people like to camp because they desire to return to nature and they enjoy the freedom it provides. Croatia is home to just over 500 registered campsites with half of them being in the Istra region. The Highlands, Kvarner, and Dalmatia areas also have numerous campgrounds throughout them.

Most of the sites operate between May and to October, but quite a number of them offer camping all year long and these establishments offer heated bathrooms and showers along with living areas, etc.  The grounds come in a variety of sizes and some of them are located in the yards and gardens of private owners. There are also several popular nudist camps in Croatia. In fact, it’s one of the most popular areas in Europe for nudists.

Most of the bigger grounds are located on the Adriatic seashore in picturesque natural surroundings. The beaches are also very diverse as you will find them to be sandy, pebbly, or flat stoned. The campgrounds are categorized with ratings from one to four stars.

Because there are so many well-maintained official campgrounds and national parks and reserves etc. in Croatia, wild camping isn’t allowed in the country.  Wild camping is classified as any type of camping that takes place outside of the country’s designated campgrounds. However, Croatia has provided travellers with rest area camps that are basically accommodation areas and facilities that are situated along public roads and highways where travellers can stay overnight or just for a few hours of rest.

Croatia is an ideal country for camping, hiking, and water sports for those who enjoy the activities with their clothes on or off.