Corsica – The Coolest Camping Destination For Fall

Italy and all the tourist destinations linked to it have a very good reputation as camping accommodations are concerned. Still, during summer time due to the large and increasing number of camping options the prices tend to be larger than the average amount campers are ready to pay for such a trip.

Due to the Mediterranean climate, Italy has mild autumns able to accommodate travelers even in the colder months.

As surprising as it may seem such an autumn camping trip costs a lot less and also offers a larger number of possibilities for finding accommodation and having a good time.

Corsica can become a valuable choice for camping destinations in autumn. Being quite expensive for the camping amateurs during the summer days, and in the mean time being quite crowded during the whole warm season, Corsica becomes the right option for campers in September and October. These are the months in which apart from a few rain showers, the weather is still warm and camping trips are a lot less expensive to organize.

While in the summer the prices of accommodation in a camping resort reach 12-15 euros for a camping night, during the first months of autumn the prices drop to 5 euros or even to 2 euros depending on the commodities offered by the resort.

The restaurants are offering meals ranging from 12 euros to 20 euros, but many of the campers going to Corsica in autumn can choose to get the food from the local supermarket and this way the costs are reduced with almost a half.

The fall makes Corsica the ideal place for the camping tourists. The picturesque Italian villages from the old parts of the island are offering a large variety of places to visit.

The main cities of Corsica, Ajaccio and Bonifacio, are places that campers can enjoy.

Corsica offers a large number of camping activities but also a lot of adventures. The campers can indulge themselves in doing snorkeling, cycling and rock climbing.

While you are camping in Corsica keep in mind not to miss visiting the Scandola reservation placed near the North of Porto Bay and covering over 1000 ha of rocky terrain. The Scandola reservation is the home of numerous animals and plants registered in the UNESCO patrimony as protected species.

The campers can arrive to Corsica by plane or by boat. Inside the island the public transportation is done with buses or trains but a good idea for the campers to go to Corsica is by car and transport it on the ferry .This is recommended because most of the cool places worth visiting here cannot be reached via public transportation.