Check Out Camping In The Catskills!

catskill mountainsThough New York State is home to a number of areas that boast beauty and plentiful wildlife, the Catskill Mountains are a special place.

If you are looking for a place to go camping in the Empire State then read about the Catskills and learn the reason why people from around the country flock to this exceptional region year after year.

Exceptional Features of the Catskill Mountains

If you tried to list all the exceptional features of the Catskill Mountains, they would fit into a book.

There are cascading water falls where the spray will lightly splash your cheek, to explore as you make your way along a wine tasting tour, canoe, kayak or whitewater rafting down the Delaware River imagining what the area looked like when only native Americans inhabited the region.

It’ Hard to Say Good-Bye

Families specifically flocked to the Catskill Mountains to go to the Catskill Game Farm. A trip there was almost a right of passage for generations of Americans since it was opened in 1933.

It finally closed its gates for good on Columbus Day in the year 2006, when the game farm began welcoming visitors. In the beginning, there were just some sheep, donkeys and deer.

At the time of its closing there were more than 2000 animals that made the Catskill Game Farm their home. Reasons for closing the attractive were low attendance and rising operation costs.

Get Wet & Wild

An excellent attraction campers will need to check out when they are roughing it in the Catskill Region is the Zoom Flume Water Park. Whether you come with kids or not, the park is a load of fun for all ages.

Complete with walking paths for observers as well as the Cliff side Restaurant/Bar, even grandparents will find something to do at the park.

Hippies Reunite

The Catskills are also home to the famous musical event Woodstock that happened in 1969. There is a full menu of summer concerts in the area.

Those that wonder where such a magical event happened can look across the meadow that played host to one of a kind show during the Teen Beat and Hippie generations.

One such event is the Woodstock Music and Art Festival that is held in Bethel nearby.

You have only touched the tip of the iceberg regarding all the things to see and do in the Catskill Mountains.

See for yourself how wet, wild and wonderful the Catskill region can be, and find the best camping accommodations that’s in the center of it all.