10 of Canada’s Best Locations for Camping and Water Sports

Water sports and camping go together like bread and butter. It’s ideal to combine the two activities when enjoying Mother Nature. You can just relax on a still lake in your canoe or feel the rush of rafting down whitewater rapids. You don’t have to travel far in Canada to enjoy camping and watersports in the same area. These are 10 of the best locations to do so.

1. Kootenay River, British Columbia: Whitewater Rafting

Kootenay River, British Columbia(photo credit: boonerator)

Whitewater rafting can be ideal for beginners and seasoned pros. It’s often as thrilling as skydiving and bungee jumping and an event for adults and adventurists. Many rivers offer class three, four, and five rapids which are too dangerous for children. However, you’ll also find some sites on the Kootenay River that are ideal for youngsters too.

2. Tofino, British Columbia: Surfing

Tofino, British Columbia Surfing(photo credit: hgillis)

This exciting town, which is located on Vancouver Island, is recognized as one of the world’s top year-round surfing locations. Outside Magazine called Tofino North America’s top surfing town in 2010.

3. Green Gables Shore, Prince Edward Island: Parasailing

Canadas Camping and Water Sports(photo credit : willdebeast)

This location is situated next door from the famous Cavendish Beach National Park on Canada’s east coast. It’s a top destination for parasailing, kayaking, and sea-doing. The region is filled with resorts and cottages that provide kayak rentals and parasailing rides.

4. Cow Bay, Nova Scotia: Surfing

Cow Bay, Nova Scotia Surfing(photo credit: commensa)

This thrilling surfing area is pretty close to the picturesque ocean-side city of Halifax. People from all over the province come here to tackle the waves. It has been the host to the Red Bull Ice Break surf competition in the past, which drew large crowds to this pretty coastal town.

5. Clearwater River, Saskatchewan: Canoeing

Canadas Camping and Water Sports(photo credit: gord99)

This beautiful waterway is designated as a Canadian Heritage River. It flows through numerous geological zones where you’ll be able to witness pictographs that are thousands of years old as well as some great class four whitewater rapids.

6. Vancouver Island, British Columbia: Diving

Vancouver Island, British Columbia Diving(photo credit: stephen_rees)

Some of the most diverse marine life in all of North America is located on Vancouver Island. It also features some of the most breathtaking diving sites, such as the Graveyard of the Pacific and Browning Wall. The graveyard is home to dozens of ancient 50 shipwrecks.

7. Thousand Islands, Ontario: Kayaking

Canadas Camping and Water Sports(photo credit: kingstongal)

This area is often called the world’s fresh water boating capital. It’s an ideal location for kayaking through the islands to explore the natural beauty of the region.

8. The Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick: Kayaking

The Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick(photo credit: lexnger)

The famous Hopewell Rocks feature the highest tides in the world. You can discover the rock formations by kayak and when evening falls you can walk on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.

9. Wasaga Beach, Ontario: Surfing

Wasaga Beach, Ontario(photo credit: 30211781@N04)

Wasaga Beach, which lies on Georgian Bay, is the longest freshwater beach in the world. There are some excellent sports on the beach for beginners to learn how to surf. It’s not Canada’s best spot for surfing, but when you throw in swimming and other water activities it’s right up there.

10. The Nahanni River, North West Territories: Canoeing

The Nahanni River, North West Territories(photo credit: yaacov)

This is definitely one of the best spots for canoeing on the globe. It was the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world and features some of the planet’s deepest and most amazing river canyons. It’s famous for its wilderness river excursions and Virginia Falls are double the height of the famous Niagara Falls.