Camping Tours In Vietnam Provide Excellent Adventure And Scenery

Vietnam offers some of the most fascinating countryside and scenery in the world and it’s a pleasure to explore it.

While public camping is very rare in the country, it doesn’t mean you can’t visit Vietnam to enjoy a wonderful adventure trip of Kayaking and Camping.

vietnamThere are many tour companies that offer camping jaunts to Vietnam where you can view the spectacular terrain, landscape and views.

One of the most interesting places to visit is Ha Long Bay. This area features numerous limestone peaks that soar out from the bay’s crystal-clear emerald water.

You’ll be able to soak in the region’s natural beauty as you paddle in and out of several hidden lagoons and fishing villages. Most tours feature overnight stays on beautiful sandy beaches where you can sleep comfortably under the stars. The tours are also designed for both experienced and rookie kayakers.

The waters are also ideal for swimming in and the scenery is unforgettable. Most camping tours to Ha Long Bay offer breakfast, lunches, and different levels of accommodation as well as guides, Kayaks and equipment, and a boat cruise.

Campers will usually have to take care of their own drinks, insurance coverage and other personal expenses.