Camping In Ontario Provincial Parks

ontario provincial parksIt is not also necessary to travel long distances to have a camping trip, in Ontario there are some wonderful Provincial parks, but also much nearer to the city many good campgrounds are out there as long as you know where to look.

Often you can find camping facilities run by conservation groups like the Grand River Conservation Authority, these mean you have much less traveling time and the facilities are just as good if not better than those at provincial parks.

Staff are well trained, everything is kept clean with plenty of space and the big attraction are the surroundings. Most are areas of natural beauty and teeming with wildlife and birds.

Other conservation authorities that run these type of camping grounds include the Upper Thames Conservation Authority and Hamilton Conservation Authority they can be found throughout the region so you can try different ones as they will all be unique.

The advantage of not traveling too far to reach your campground is that if the weather turns bad it is easy enough to just pack up and go home.

On top of this, being stuck in traffic jams can be avoided and with the time spent driving shortened it will give you more time to enjoy your trip. It will also be a lot less stressful all round.

So next time you decide to pack the camping tent and hit the road consider the different campgrounds and give them a go, could be the best thing you ever did.