Camping in France’s Normandy and Brittany Regions

France is home to some of Europe’s most fascinating scenery and has a warm summer climate, making it an ideal location for camping and hiking trips.

There are so many different regions to choose from, with all of them offering dozens of picturesque campgrounds. Two of the best regions in France for outdoor adventures are Normandy and Brittany.

(photo credit: jahovil)

Seine-Maritime, Normandy

The Seine-Maritime area is in the eastern section of Normandy, with Rouen being one of the most popular regions as it’s the capital of Normandy. This area has several good hiking trails among the cliffs at the seafront. There are quite a few good campgrounds to select from in Seine-Maritime. One of the most popular is Domaine de la Catiniere, which is in the town of Fiquefleur Equainville. It’s an ideal site for mobile homes and has a swimming pool and other outdoor facilities for youngsters.

If you head over to Jumieges, you’ll find that Camping de la Foret offers good access to the wonderful Seine Valley. Another good choice is Camping l’Aiguille Creuse in the town of Les Loges.

Manche, Normandy

Normandy borders the province of Brittany and is also filled with picturesque towns, charming beaches and sandy beaches. The Manche region lies in the western region of Normandy. It’s quite popular with people who are heading there to visit Mont Saint-Michel as there are several good camping optionsclose to the popular tourist attraction. These include Kawan Village in the town of Pontorson and Camping Saint Michel, which is in Courtils.

If you head Northwards from Mont Saint-Michel you’ll come to several more campgrounds on the coast. Two of the best towns to visit here are Breville sur Mer and Barneville-Carteret. On Manche’s East coast you’ll find the towns of Saint Vaast La Hougue and Sainte Marie du Mont have wonderful grounds.

Loire-Atlantique, Brittany

Loire-Atlantique is another popular region in Brittany, which lies on the west coast of the country. It’s an excellent spot for those people who want to explore the area of the Loire valley. Two of the best campgrounds are Camping le Chateau du Deffay, which is in Pontchateau, and Camping le Fief, which is in Saint Brevins-les-Pins. Another good spot for families is Camping du Petit Port, which is just outside of the city of Nantes.

You can hire bikes here if you’d like to explore the beautiful countryside and there’s also a swimming pool. If you’d like to try camping on Brittany’s islands, a good choice is Belle-Ile, as it has six campgrounds on it. The island is filled with many scenic areas such as the Cote Sauvage coastline and the cliffs at Port Coton.

Finistere, Brittany

Brittany’s North-Western tip is where you’ll find the Finistere region, which is home to numerous campgrounds. The area has a long coastline and most of the camping areas are located close to the sea. This makes them quite popular with water sports fans and families. Some of the most popular grounds in Finistere include Villages les Mouettes, which sits in the town of Carantec, and has a spa and water park on site.

The city of Brest offers the Camping le Grand Large site, which also has mobile homes for rent. Other popular campgrounds are Village la Plage and Village Loisirs de Ty Nadan.