Camping In Austria Is Camping In Style

Podersdorf am SeeAll over Europe there are camping sites ready to receive the travelers from the wide world.

Such locations are available in all the countries but maybe the most famous are those from Austria and Germany.

All locations are certified camping sites and are focused around wonders of nature, natural parks or important waters.

All these camping sites are situated out of towns’ areas but not very far from populated regions which is a plus for those interested in visiting Europe while camping.

Podersdorf am See is one of the most famous camping sites in Burgenland, Austria. Situated on the shore of Neusiedler Lake, one of the largest lakes in the Burgenland area represents the ideal place to spend a few summer holidays camping while on a European trip.

Covering a surface of 7 ha this camping site offers accommodation for the adventurers seeking relaxation and good time. The accommodation capability is around 700 persons and comes with all kinds of service for the campers including sanitizing for the trailers.

The camping site has current electricity, and a lot of available services like showers, washing machines and even a restaurant.

The nearest town is at 13 km from the camping site and the region is very beautiful with a lot of sightseeing objectives. This camping site offers a lot of possibilities of spending time enjoyably.

During season and extra season dogs are allowed inside the campsite, which is very convenient for the pet owners that are taking their pets along when going camping.

The Neusiedler Lake, one of the largest European lakes, is a perfect swimming place and also one of the best sites for practicing windsurfing and other water sports.

Podersdorf am See is annually visited by a large number of tourists all over the world and represents a nice opportunity to meet people having the same preferences you do.

The area of this camping site is perfect for bikers and hikers dew to the nice surroundings of the pannonian scenery. The Neusiedler See-Seewinkel Park is a very beautiful region and those passionate of nature can have a great time visiting the area.

The Neusiedler See-Seewinkel natural park is visited every year by passionate Ornithologist from all over the world. Also this region from Austria is famous for its wines, a wine tasting here being a very delightful event.

Campers can enjoy a peaceful yet entertaining vacation and also make a lot of friends. Usually who goes at Podersdorf am See is sure to come back the following year.