Camping In Amboseli And Feeling The Spirit Of The Mighty Africa

The National Park of Amboseli is preferred due to the presence of the famous Masai but it is also one of the favorite destinations of the Europeans who want to relax and experience a part of their vacation in the middle of nature, getting in the mean time acquainted with the life of the animals from the old continent of Africa.

Spread over a wide surface of 390 square kilometers, the Amboseli Park is near the Kajjado district of Kenya and it is one of the largest natural parks in the world. The Park is spread over a large distance at the border between Kenya and Tanzania.

The ones coming here regularly are mostly the Masai although many people from allover the African and European continents come here for a few weeks or months to relax.

The natives from outside the park are visiting because they have the opportunity to make some money from the tourists especially if they serve as guides to the places where the wild animals live inside the reservation.

amboseli park

The people coming here to camp have the possibility of hiring guides who for a few dollars or euros can guide them anywhere in the reservation but can also include wonderful stories about the region and its history.

In 1883, Joseph Thompson was the first European who entered this region of the Masai being impressed by the fertility of this place, rich in vegetation and beautified by amazing natural scenery compared to other regions of the African continent.

Through the park, Thomson has discovered 8 swamps harboring the largest variety of unique animals and insects in the world. Amboseli hides in its forests some very impressive waterfalls which can be reached with the help of guides.

The camping spots here started to appear along with the safari age and multiplied in the last few years especially because the expeditions proved to be something a large number of people would like to experience.

In conclusion, the local authorities did their best to welcome the tourists flood and also came up with special expeditions and activity plans to keep them entertained.

The tourists can this way witness the history of the park which was accommodated for the Masai culture and existence in 1906 and find out that the Amboseli was for the first time turned into a national park in 1974, when the Kenyan government has declared it “Protected Area”.