Camping Heaven On Southern California Beaches

california beacheIf you are looking for the perfect combination camping holiday, then why not camp on one of those magnificent Southern Californian beaches in order to enjoy both camping and the gorgeous Californian stretches of sand.

Before choosing a favourite spot along the Southern coast of California make sure you have all the facilities you may need for camping, as well as checking before hand, if in fact tent camping is allowed in the different state parks along the coast.

Crystal Cove State Park is an ideal camping site and at Jalama Beach, which is a little north of Santa Barbara and south of Vandenberg Air Force Base, you will find one of the most beautiful and unique beaches along the Californian coast.

Here you may choose from around 100 beachfront campsites, which tend to fill up quickly during the summer months, so make sure you retain your campsite early.

Jalama beach is one of the most preserved beach camping sites in the whole of California, where estate development has not yet taken over the natural preserved environment, which offers plenty of nature trails amongst the wilderness and spectacular scenery.

At Jalama beach you may camp right up near the water’s edge and take in the spectacular ocean views, or you might even be lucky enough to see one of the satellite launches from the nearby airbase. This site has all you need for the perfect camping holiday on the beach.