Camping Doesn’t Get Any Bigger Than The Grand Canyon

arizona trailsIf you are going to go camping in America why not choose the inspirational location of the Grand Canyon, enjoy walks along the Arizona trails and relax during your unique vacation in this region.

There is so much scenery, from deserts to mountains and rock formations to rivers, truly something for everyone.

All the activities on offer make full use of the spectacular surrounding and only a plane or helicopter ride will make you realize the scope of opportunity for camping here.

The two main campgrounds are Desert View and the Mather, both providing everything that a camper will ever need. There are one or two public places to camp in but the facilities of the aforementioned grounds are much superior.

Care should be taken if you propose to camp outside of designated sites as permission must be sought from the relevant authorities. It is not just a case of pitching your camping tent and getting on with it, this is to protect the environment but also for personal safety.

Camping in Arizona includes living with the various forces of nature and getting lost is not to be taken lightly. There are guides that can be hired if you want to plan a more adventurous trip but never attempt anything without outside and experienced assistance.

If the thought of camping in the dry desert has a big appeal then it will require very different equipment, more specialized for the harsher landscape. This maybe best left to more seasoned campers rather than those simply on a family vacation.