Camping at Willamette Valley

Equipped with more than 70 campgrounds and engulfing a whopping 24 State Parks, the Willamette Valley in Oregon is the best place one could choose for camping in any season. With every season offering something distinct, camping at Willamette should be considered according to the season. Here is a breakup of the season by season attractions to watch out for when camping at Willamette Valley.

Camping at Willamette Valley


Unarguably, summer is the best time to camp at Willamette Valley. the numerous lakes and rivers criss- crossing this valley provide ample opportunities for swimming. With average temperatures being close to 80oF the time is right for a water sport in the jungle. Fall Creek Lake and Cascadia State Park have excellent campgrounds and have recreational activities such as swimming, boating and fishing for campers.


Terwillinger Hot Springs are the perfect site to camp during fall due to the warmth provided by the springs. Choose from Cougar Creek Campground and Slide Creek Campground. Depending on how hot you want the springs to be choose between top of the creek and hillside. As you move up it gets warmer.


Compared to the rest of the country, winter in Willamette Valley is relatively mild. The temperature does not normally dip below 30oF which makes for tolerable camping weather. RV campsites are also available where you can enjoy warmth and adventure. If you are lucky you could experience snow and spot an elk too.


Detroit Lake recreation Park is an ideal place to camp in spring. It is completely equipped with all amenities and you can enjoy fishing along the lake, you could pitch up a tent to hire a cabin; and for the more adventurous there is also horse camping along the dense forests where you can indulge in mushroom hunting. Of course do not forget to pack in your rain boots and the wild mushroom guide.

As you can see, one cannot go wrong with Willamette as a choice for adventure camping. Any season is just the right choice and any choice is always good for enjoying this picturesque location.