Camping At Colorado Bend

Colorado BendColorado Bend is a popular camping destination for people that reside in Central Texas.

Located just outside of the country town of Lampasas, many campers avidly visit the bend throughout the summer.

The scenery is absolutely stunning, and there are so many activities that you can engage in while at the bend. Anything from hiking trials, to mountain climbing, swimming, and sight seeing can all be done at this renowned camping resort.

You can take a stroll down a one mile hike that is located right along the river. The nature croons all around you, welcoming you to their home. You will see a plethora of wildlife, anything from birds to armadillos can be spotted while camping on the bend.

Many people love to engage in fishing along the side of the bend. You will come across some great sized bass, as well as other domesticated fish. Living off the land in Colorado bend is seemingly easier than what you could have imagined.

Adults and children love to scale the endless hills of the bend. There are special accommodations that can be made in order for your family to enjoy scaling the tall hills that surround you all throughout the bend.


  1. Colorado bend is a place of outstanding beauty with the fresh air, miles upon miles of fantastic paths and trails and lots of things to see and do.Camping in Colorado bend is a wonderful experience.


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