Bikers Take Note: Motorcycle Friendly Campgrounds

motorcycle campgroundsCampers that like to take along their motorcycle rather than a car, pop-up or RV may find that in some campgrounds they are not welcomed.

Even those that may be just towing a bike may not always find the welcome mat out for them when they arrive.

You have a great campground said to welcome bikers but it is always best to give a call before setting out on your trip to ensure that the campground is still receiving motorcycles with a smile and is still in operation.

Two Wheels Only Motorcycle Resort & Campground

This campground can be found in Suches, Georgia. Information for this campground can be found by calling 1-706-747-5151. Your hosts will be Britt & GT Turner.

They have been welcoming bikers since 1982. Two Wheels Only or TWO is considered to be one of the first campground and resort to cater strictly to touring motorcyclists.

At TWO, only those that are riding or towing a motorcycle are received.

Suches, Georgia is well off the beaten path because of its geographical location in the mountains. This makes it one of the best kept secrets in the state of Georgia.

This is an added bonus for the numerous bikers that come from all over the United States for a quiet camping trip.

Amenities at TWO

Campers can expect to receive free WI-FI internet access at both the campground and the lodge.

This is terrific for those that like to stay connected or are taking a working vacation.

The bath house offers campers a hot shower along with toiletries such as shampoo and soap. All campsites are located in the grassy meadows of TWO. There is also machines for snack foods and soft drinks.

Available for purchase are firewood, ice chests and bags of ice. The Lodge offers breakfast daily and as long as the weather is cooperative as to temperature, the pool will be open for swimmers to take dip. There is also a scenic mountain stream that runs through the campground.

If you haven’t brought your tent or RV along with you, accommodations are available in the upstairs of the Lodge. Pets are not welcomed and the county in which Suches is located is a dry one.

If you want to drink alcoholic beverages, you are invited to bring your own but note that public drunkenness will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave the property immediately.