Beach Camping Destinations: US vs. UK

In case you are wondering where to spend a weekend devoted to beach camping, you have two cardinal choices: beach camping in UK or beach camping in US. They are different, but they are an amazing way to relax near the beach.

scotland beach camping

If you want to travel in UK, you should prepare yourself for beach camping in not so warm conditions. The UK offers stunning views, but bad weather. The beach camping there is all about fishing; so if you are a fan of it, go to the most popular UK spots for beach camping.

These are Scotland, Devon, Sussex and Wales, but keep an umbrella with you because raining is something typical there.

In case you are not fan of fishing in bad weather, then go for US beach camping. California is the right place. The US beach camping is a camping near the beach, where you can enjoy the sun and get some tan. Fishing is also included, but not necessary. The camping fire is a must.

california beach

In case you like to enjoy the sun, the right spots in California are San Diego, Santa Barbara and Point Reyes National Seashore. The Point Reyes is popular for its hike-in campgrounds and bout-in camping.