America’s Smallest State Features Big-Time Camping

Rhode Island is often overlooked by campers, even by Americans, as it’s the smallest state in the nation. However, for its size, it still has some wonderful scenery and campgrounds that are definitely worth visiting.

One of these is the Fort Getty Recreation Area, which is located near the city of Jamestown.

This is an ideal campsite for people who like to do a little beachcombing and paddling when they go on a camping trip. The site is situated in the center of Narragansett Bay and sits close to the southern tip of Conanicut Island on a windswept bluff.

rhode island

However, while the campground is on an island you don’t have to worry about taking a boat to reach it as you can drive over in your camper or RV.

Fort Getty offers wonderful ocean side campsites and allows you to enjoy island camping at its finest. It’s mainly aimed at RV’s, but also offers about 14 excellent sites for those who want to pitch a tent and be close to nature.

The site is ideal for those who love salty sea breezes as well as spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

It also contains rocky beachfronts where you can easily spend hours a day hiking and exploring. And to top things off, there aren’t many better places around in Rhode Island to go fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.