7 of America’s Most Tranquil Hiking or Camping Destinations

If you’re looking for somewhere to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and just camp out under the stars or hike across the land, these are some of the quietest spots you’ll find in America. These are ideal places to unwind, recharge, and simply relax.

Americas Hiking or Camping Destinations(photo credit: schmaeche)

1. Haleakala Crater, Maui, Hawaii, USA

There are three wonderful wilderness cabins located in the Haleakala Crater where you can camp out overnight. It’s about a four-mile hike to reach the first cabin and a nine mile trip to the farthest one. The cabins are outfitted with wood-burning stoves as well as a padded bunk and some other camping basics. Make sure you dress warmly as you’ll be about 2,200 feet up in the air and it can get pretty cool. The view of the stars is second to none from here.

2. Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida, USA

There are no big crowds at this superb national park as it only receives about 60,000 visitors a year. One of the most secluded locations in the park is the Loggerhead Key Lighthouse which is in the Gulf of Mexico, about 65 miles from Key West. You can actually volunteer to be a lighthouse keeper for a total of four weeks. Just be aware that there isn’t any internet access and telephones. Volunteers work for 32 hours a week and take care of the beach. Basically it’s four weeks of solitude.

3. Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska, USA

You’ll have to take a bush plane to get to this isolated park or hike in through the local villages. The park has tons of space since it only gets about 10,000 visitors a year. The scenery is absolutely amazing and the wildlife spectacular. It’s peaceful and very quiet as there aren’t any services. It’s just you, the animals, and Mother Nature.

4. Supai, Arizona, USA

This small village sits about 3,000 feet the Grand Canyon’s rim. It’s considered to be America’s most remote town. The 200 residents of the Havasupai reservation receive their mail and supplies each day by mule train. You won’t spot any cars here so if you want to visit other local spots, such as Havasu Falls, you’ll be able to enjoy the two-mile hike to get there.

5. North Cascades National Park, Washington, USA

This is another American park that doesn’t see too many visitors. It’s about three hours northeast of Seattle and is filled with wildflowers, azure lakes, glaciered peaks, and close to 400 miles of trails for hiking. It’s another ideal location to enjoy peace, quiet, and natural beauty.

6. Anza Borrego State Park, California, USA

There are 500 miles of dirt trails to explore in this amazing state park, which is the biggest in California. The busiest season is the spring, but it’s still nice and peaceful. You can hike the endless miles of trails any time of the year and pass palm trees and deserts. There are plenty of animals to keep you company including kit foxes, mule deer, jackrabbits, bighorn sheep, and roadrunners.

7. Hoh Rain Forest, Washington, USA

This tranquil forest is one of the quietest places in America. You can reach it by hiking about three miles down the Hoh River Trail in Washington, which is located in Olympic National Park. The scenery is awe-inspiring, but it’s the peacefulness that you’ll probably be the most impressed with. The forest is miles away from the nearest city and about the only thing you’ll hear in it during the summer are the occasional raindrops.