8 Winter Camping Escapades in USA

If the long winter months are driving you into depressive moods, then here are 8 camping trips in the USA that will give you the much needed sunshine.

1. Curry Hammock State Park

Curry Hammock State Park

This state park is located in the Middle Keys and has many camping related activities such as swimming, fishing and canoeing. Nature trails and picnicking are some of the best loved activities around this place due to the balmy weather even in winter.

2. Palm Springs Campground

Palm Springs Campground

This urban oasis is a great place to choose for a camping trip in winter. Palm Springs enjoys 30 days of sunshine and is perfect for a winter escapade. While camping here, visitors can explore the desert, play golf and enjoy swimming too.

3. Anacapa Island

Anacapa Island

Embark on an exciting ocean excursion in winter months by choosing the Anacapa Island. This is one of the Channel Islands situated on the Pacific Ocean. It is rugged and the tropical climate makes it perfect for a beach camping experience in the middle of winter.

4. Palmetto Island State Park

Palmetto Island State Park

Situated on the Vermilion River, this park is a complete outdoor experience for those looking to escape the winter. Boating, fishing, canoeing and kayaking are some of the activities to indulge in on this island. Hiking trails are well marked and accommodation includes basic tents to deluxe cabins. Whatever you choose will be the best bet in Palmetto.

5. Sage Hill Campground

Sage Hill Campground

Situated in the inlands of Santa Barbara, visitors to the Sage Hill Campground can enjoy the warm and pleasant climate here. Fishing, hiking and biking are just some of the activities you can indulge in. In the vicinity of the campground are a number of wineries to explore.

6. San Onofre State Beach

San Onofre State Beach

San Onofre is a canyon park and a highly eco-friendly zone. You have the bluffs, beach and campgrounds to spend your vacation in. At the bluffs you can enjoy camping in the tents that overlook the beach below. The surf beach is exclusively for day surfing and not camping, so make a trip from the campsite at the bluffs.

At the San Mateo campgrounds one can enjoy picnicking on the beach sands where fire pits are allowed. With ample water and electricity, flush toilets and hot indoor showers, this is a great site to camp with your family not just in winter, but year-round.

7. Pine Grove Campground

Pine Grove Campground

Situated in Arizona, this rugged, mountainous terrain is known for its canyons, pine forests and a temperate climate. While camping here, one can visit the Sedona Red Rocks, ancient ruins, the Grand Canyon, lava craters and the numerous lakes and creeks that tread this land.

8. Pensacola West

Pensacola West

Being a part of the Perdido Bay area, Pensacola offers waterfront campgrounds equipped with swimming pools and a hot tub area. One can visit the pier and indulge in a quiet fishing activity while enjoying the balmy weather of the Pacific.

Photo Credit: (http://www.active.com)