8 Great Camping Adventures to Enjoy

With so much natural beauty around the world it’s just natural that people enjoy spending time as close to nature as possible. Of course, one of the best ways to bond with the wilderness is to take a camping/hiking trip. These are among the most adventurous camping areas on the globe.

1. Australia, the Outback

Australia’s Outback region is one of the most famous and popular on the planet with campers. It may not be the perfect destination for the squeamish as you may come across the odd spider, crocodile, or snake, but the scenery is simply amazing. While some of the country’s wildlife may make for some wonderful photos, they can be dangerous, so make sure you’re careful and well prepared. If you’re cautious, you should be able to enjoy the camping trip of a lifetime.

2. California, Big Sur

There have been thousands of ghost stories told around campfires across the world over the years, but one of the scariest could involve the Fernwood Campground, which is located in Big Sur, California. It’s a beautiful place during the day as it’s filled with crystal clear rivers and thick forest. However, legend has it that when the sun turns in for the night, a ghostly masked figure haunts the campground. It’s believed that the site used to be a sacred burial ground.

3. Canada, the Northwest Territories

One of the best sights in the world is the Northern Lights and one of the greatest places to view them is in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Camping out here will enable you to view one of Mother Nature’s most fascinating spectacles. The area is isolated and vastly beautiful with much of it being untouched by humans. You should be able to see the Northern Lights on most clear nights.

4. Germany, Waldseilgarten, Bavaria

At the Waldseilgarten adventure camp in Germany you’ll be able to sleep among the birds in the trees. The camp offers hanging tents which are sort of similar to a hammock. You’ll be able to literally sway yourself to sleep. If you’re not the adventurous type, the park also has tree platforms to camp put on.

5. South Africa, Elephant Camp

If you’d like to sleep among the elephants then the place to be is Kruger National Park, which sits in the northern area of South Africa. This is a safari camping adventure you’ll never forget. It’s quite unlike North American trips where you sometimes share the land with raccoons and bears.

6. Guatemala, Volcano Camping

There are several active volcanoes down in Guatemala, and it’s quite a rush camping out on one of them. There are several trips available to sleep out on Fuego, which is an active volcano, and on Acatenango, which is now dormant. The views from the volcanoes are exceptional and you’ll get some good exercise climbing them.

7. Sri Lanka, the Rainforests

Sri Lanka is filled with some wonderful jungle land and rainforests. The scenery is magnificent and you’ll be able to share the land with the colorful wildlife. You can find camping trips here that take you deep into the forest where your tent is already set up for you at the edge of the water. You’ll be able to participate in hiking, whitewater rafting, and bird watching.

8. Antarctica

The South Pole used to be for researchers and penguins, but campers can now visit this part of the world and camp out there. There are trips available to the Southern Ellsworth Mountains where you can enjoy cross-country skiing, exploring, and ice climbing. The summer months in Antarctica fall between November and January.