7 Beautiful Oregon Camping Spots

There is nothing like sleeping under the stars with sound of the waves lulling you into dreamland just few miles away from your home. Oregon has much to offer for nature lovers. It offers primitive campgrounds, sites with various amenities and you will feel like a home away from home.

Southern Oregon has places where you can drive up into the mountains of Pacific Northwest. Oregon camping fulfills social, recreational and spiritual needs of youth.

oregon camping spotsYou will find lakes, mountains, streams, coastal areas and open meadows in Oregon. With little effort, you and your children can find Oregon camping spots that are an ideal match. Here are some of the overnight camping spots in Oregon.

1. Big Lake Youth Camp

This campsite is located at lakeside of a huge 250 acre swatch of lake. The lake is at foot of Mount Washington. So, you will have an unbelievable landscape views throughout the stay.

Camping activities here are divided between ‘Reg’ and ‘Rad’. Reg activities are more of the traditional kind for kids between 10-17 years of age. Rad camping activities include white water rafting, water skiing, horse pack trip, mountain biking, and many more. These activities are only for campers between 13-17 years of age.

2. Cape Lookout state park

It offers 191 campsites, restrooms, shower facilities and waste disposal stations. There is a five mile beach at this park. Parts of the beach dip steeply into the tide line, thus causing the waves to crash loudly and abruptly. Also, you can hike at the beach area for few miles.

3. Whalen Island Park

This park is among the popular Oregon camping spots. It has 30 campsites on a fun filled little island surrounded by sandy marshlands, with secret shells prowling in the woods. It is located at a short drive from the pacific ocean.

4. Hebo Lake Campground

It is located at 4.5 miles east of Hebo. It has 15 tent campsites and offers activities like hiking and fishing.

5. Harris Beach state park

This park has the largest island of the Oregon coast. The park offers sandy beaches interspersed with eroded sea stacks. The beauty of the park changes with the season. People come here to watch the powerful and dramatic winter storms. During summer, the park brings warm days and bright beaches while in the fall, it brings clear cool days and often the best sunsets of the year. The park offers activities like hiking and biking.

6. Nehalem Bay state park

Fishing and crabbing are the most popular activities at Nehalem Bay. Imagine waking up to the song of the seagull, spending your afternoon on a kayak trip around the park and taking a short walk over the dunes to the beach.

Here fitness enthusiasts can enjoy 1.75 miles bike trail. In the campgrounds, you are likely to see deer grazing, herd of elk and coyote. Also, you will find variety of birds here.

7. Smith Rock State Park

This is one of the great Oregon camping spots for people who enjoy scenic views of deep river canyons and rock climbing. Here you’ll find several thousand climbs. You can participate in activities like hiking and mountain biking trails. You can also see prairie falcons, golden eagles, river otter, beaver and mule deer.