5 Ways to Enjoy Canada’s Churchill, Manitoba region

One of the greatest places to camp, hike and explore wildlife in Canada is the community of Churchill, Manitoba. It’s ideal all year round as there are plenty of polar bears during the winter months as well as many summer animals on hand. These are some of the best outdoor adventures you can enjoy in Churchill.

1. Sea Kayaking and/or snorkeling with Beluga Whales

This area of Hudson Bay is home to about 20,000 whales and typically a few thousand of them spend their summers here. If you travel to the Churchill River/Hudson bay estuary you have the option of snorkeling in the waters alongside some of these magnificent beluga whales or kayaking with them. If you’d rather stay on the land you can simply pick out a spot and sit back while these amazing creatures entertain you. The water might be a little chilly, but you probably won’t notice it when snorkeling alongside your new 15-foot long friends.

2. Take a boat tour

Another fantastic way to explore the beluga whales and all of the other varieties of marine life is to take a boat tour. You may also see some seals and polar bears from the warmth and dryness of the boat as there are plenty of them in the area. There are boat tours available and some of them will take you to the Fort Prince of Whales National Historical Site.

3. Viewing the Polar Bears

You shouldn’t really have much of a problem seeing a polar bear in Churchill during the winter since the community is known as the world’s polar bear capital. The best time to actually see them is October and November. However, you may also come across some of them during the summer as well. Some of the bears will hang around the rocks in the area this time of the year and you may find yourself pretty close to one. Just remember these animals may be cute, but they’re often deadly, so take extreme caution.

4. Exploring the Tundra

When visiting Churchill you’ll find quite a few adventure tours. One of the best will allow you to tour the local tundra from a motorized buggy. Taking a ride in this vehicle will enable you to get a wonderful view of the vast tundra in this sub-Arctic region of Canada. The nine-ton buggy will also keep you out of harm’s way of any wandering polar bears that are searching for food. The trip will also give you the chance at spotting some of the 250 different species of birds that call the area home. Some of these include snowy owls, gyrfalcons, peregrine falcons, Arctic terns, seagulls, and tundra swans. There are also 400 different species of plants on hand.

5. Sled dog rides

There are some companies in and around Churchill that offer sled dog rides all year long. In the winter months, the dogs will pull you across the snow on a traditional sled. When the warm weather arrives, you’ll be able to have the trained dogs pull you around on a wheeled cart. If you’d rather just be a spectator, you can view the 240-mile race known as the Hudson Bay Quest. This route runs from Churchill over to Arviat, Nunavut.

photo credit: (www.canada-photos.com)