5 Tips for Mojave Desert Camping

Located in the southern part of California, Mojave is the most extreme desert in America. Home to the Death Valley it records the highest temperatures in this region. Wild campers and adventure lovers throng this desert every year for a taste of desert life. So here are 5 exclusive tips for your Mojave desert camping:

Mojave Desert Camping

1. Get the Map

In this age of internet and satellite technology, you might want to know why we are asking you to print a map.  The reason is quite simple. In the desert, connectivity is pretty low which means 90% of the time you are not connected to the outside world. Even GPS can fail. So it is not a bad idea to carry a map to tell you where you are and where you are headed to.

2. Arrive Early

Getting lost in the desert is nothing new to those who know Mojave, and night time is the foremost culprit. So get to the desert and find your Desert Campsites early in the day while the light still lasts. The campsites are all located in the middle of the desert and take a while to reach from the Interstate 15. What is more, the roads are not equipped to travel beyond the speed of 40 – 50 mph.

3. Get Handy Lighting

Do not depend on the headlights of your car for lighting. You could get miserable trying to grope in the dark with scanty lighting. Using a lantern or a headlamp helps.  Make sure to pick them up from the sports stores before you leave for the trip.

4. Learn to Change Flat Tires

Having a flat tire on your way to Mojave from the I-15 is pretty much a possibility than an accident. The roads are dusty and getting a 1 inch nail in is not a surprise.  So equip yourself with the skill of changing tires. And if you happen to use a tow truck to fix your tire remember to tip him well, just in case you need his help again. Recurrences are also another possibility.

5. Research Your Campsites

Before you embark on your Mojave Desert trip, make sure to research the campsite you want to live in. choose the one that is well equipped with picnic tables and campfires, and of course one with a good view. Also have a look at the fees and other add-ons you could avail of if the need arises.  Mark it on your map and head towards your Wild West trip.

And one last tip that will keep you in good stead  pack loads of humor and tolerance on your way. It will make every bit of your trip memorable and help you survive this arduous camping trip.