5 of Canada’s Top Hiking Trails

One of the best ways to explore places is undoubtedly on foot. This enables you to travel at your own pace and you can always go off the beaten track if you like. Hiking can be enjoyed all year long as well as you’re properly prepared for the terrain and weather. But there’s no question that the majority of people prefer to hike in the warm weather of the summer months. There are an endless number of excellent hiking trails across Canada with these being among the best.

1. Squamish, British Columbia – The Stawamus Chief

The Chief is quite popular since it’s not as secluded as some other trails. It sees a lot of travelers who are making their way between Vancouver and Whistler. From Vancouver you just take the Sea-to-Sky Highway and it’s located about an hour to the north. This makes it easily accessible for the city folk. The trail features a huge rock formation which can be seen from the highway. The trail is well maintained and travels up a mountain and across a few peaks until you reach its highest point. When you get there you’ll witness an unbelievable view of the surrounding mountains and Howe Sound.

2. Vancouver Island, British Columbia – The West Coast Trail

This could very well be the most popular of all the country’s hiking trails. The West Coast Trail is quite rugged so you need to be in reasonable shape to tackle it. The route follows the southwest coast of beautiful Vancouver Island and is close to 50 miles in length. You’ll pass through and by some wonderful beaches, bogs, waterfalls, forests, and streams. You’ll likely be sharing the path and the nearby water with some of the area’s magnificent wildlife such as sea lions, seals, whales, bears, cougars, eagles, and wolves. If you’d like to hike the entire trail it will take about a week and a permit is needed for camping out.

3. Algonquin Park, Ontario – The Mizzy Lake Trail

You don’t have to travel to western Canada for the amazing wilderness and countryside. Every province has its fair share with Algonquin Park being one of Ontario’s most gorgeous spots. This is the oldest provincial park in the country and there’s an adventure to be had all the way through it. Hikers will find numerous day trails as well as plenty of overnight routes. The Mizzy Lake Trail is just over six miles long, but can usually be explored in a day. It will take you past several small lakes and beaver ponds. You should be able to see a variety of wildlife including moose. It might not be the easiest trail for children, but if you’d like to see some amazing fall colors when the leaves start to turn, this is the place to show them.

4. Jasper, Alberta – The Valley of the Five Lakes

There are numerous trails to explore in the Canadian Rockies. Some of them are quite long and take several days to complete while others are easily done in a day. The Valley of the Five Lakes is located in the famous and beautiful Jasper National Park. This specific trail is about 3 miles long and is suitable for families. It’s quite an easy trail to navigate and it winds through 5 spectacularly-colored lakes, which are in turn surrounded by some splendid valley forests. Just keep your eye out for black bears who might also be sharing the trail.

5. Newfoundland – Gros Morne National Park

Gros Morne National Park is deservedly known as one of the best in Canada. It features over 60 miles of hiking trails that offer some breathtaking scenery. Along the way you’ll come across some fantastic tablelands, beaches, waterfalls, fjords, coves, meadows, rock formations, cliffs, tidal pools, and historic sites.