5 Great Campsites in Britain

Great Britain boasts a host of things to see and do. Plenty of those places are right in the heart of London. However the hustle and bustle of a city isn’t for everyone, so what’s a visitor to do? Camping is the answer if you’re over the city life. Now, you’ve made your way through the Heathrow parking Terminal 5, and you’re running out of the city as quickly as possible. Which campsite do you run to?

Cornwall has some pretty beautiful beaches, so it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to stray too far. No worries, the Treen Farm Campsite in Penzance is the perfect spot to pitch a tent and camp out until the sun wakes you the next day. The nearby Whitesands Bay is a hot spot for surfing. You can really enjoy a lovely beach vacation minus the resort taking up the shore. Just camp out and be comforted by the amenities at this campsite like laundry facilities, lavatories, and showers. There are local food vendors for some fresh bread, meat and vegetables.


The Burnbake Campsite in Dorset is an excellent family campsite. It’s a charming area with the Studland Bay beaches nearby and fun bike trails perfect for the little ones to shed some of that energy. There’s local produce to buy, a cafe on site, and other local stores like a bakery and butcher. The facilities include showers and laundry. For a nice wander, check out the Corfe Castle and Swanage beaches.

Coastal scenery that is absolutely breathtaking is what you will find at Beacon Cottage in Cornwall. Cliffs dropping their faces down the coast and the charming and traditional Cornish family farm on site are some of the perks. It’s a perfect spot to unwind on your camping trip. It offers the regular facilities of a campsite, in addition to a dog’s excise field, so feel free to bring the furry one along.

Boasting itself as a very eco-friendly campsite, don’t expect to roll up in your car to Woodland Camping. Wheelbarrow your stuff to the camping spot of your choice and enjoy the serenity of your surroundings. They bring fresh water in for it’s campers and they even have a farm. If your kids want to help feed the farm animals, let them know first and be sure to be there on a Saturday morning bright and early. There’s a bird sanctuary, off-road cycling and fishing to name a few things of entertainment.

Dealing with the airport parking with ParkBCP has made life easier, but you’re totally ready to unwind already. Get in nature as soon as possible by heading to Sykeside in Cumbria. We aren’t sure what is better at this campsite. The stunning vistas that you wake up to of the rolling green hills and fresh mountain air or the fact that you don’t have to lug your camping equipment and you can camp out in a tipi. Maybe you just need to check this place out for yourself and get back to us.