5 of the best Canadian Lakes for Camping and Outdoor Activities

There are thousands and thousands of lakes in Canada. In fact there are even some that haven’t even been discovered as of yet. It’s believed there are more lakes in Canada than any other nation on earth. This means you’ll find them in all sizes and depths. These are five of the best for exploring, hiking, camping, and water sports etc.

5 of the best Canadian Lakes

1. Nova Scotia – Dollar Lake

Dollar Lake is close to the Dartmouth airport and is quite a popular summer destination for local residents. The water is clear and fresh and the beach soft and sandy. The lake can be found inside of Dollar Lake Provincial Park, which is a wonderful site for camping, picnics, fishing, and water sports. The lake got its name when the land’s owner sold the property to the government for just $1.

2. Ontario – Lake Nipissing

This is one of the biggest lakes in the province of Ontario. The name Nipissing means big water in the native Algonquin language. It’s been a popular spot since early in the 20th century. Originally, the lake was a major route for settlers, fur traders, and loggers. It’s an ideal place for fishing and there are plenty of lodges located on its shores. The lake is just over 500 square miles in size and is home to about 40 species of fish. The sunsets are famous here and Algonquin Provincial Park is close by. There are plenty of sandbars and islands as the water isn’t too deep and it’s a popular locale with birdwatchers,

3. British Columbia – Kootenay Lake

This lake is popular for sailing, fishing, dramatic scenery and isolated beaches. The majestic Purcell and Selkirk mountains surround it. You’ll find that most of the campgrounds and resorts are on the west side where the shores are sandier. There are some magnificent hiking trails here and you can get some breathtaking views on the free ferry from Kootenay Bay to Balfour, which is an hour each way.

4. Manitoba – Little Limestone Lake

Little Limestone Lake is what is known as a marl lake. This means the water changes color when its temperature rises. This is one of the best examples of a marl lake on the globe as the water color changes quite a bit during the summer. The camping here is also excellent and it can be accessed from Grand Rapids, which is the nearest community.

5. Saskatchewan – Little Manitou Lake

The Canadian province of Saskatchewan alone is home to more than 100,000 lakes. Little Manitou Lake can be found about 100 miles to the southeast of the city of Saskatoon. This lake is a bit of a unique one as it’s virtually impossible to drown in it. This is because it has a thick mineral density, which is several times saltier than an ocean and thicker than the Dead Sea. The lake can be found near the town of Watrous. The thickness of the salt means swimmers can lie on their backs and float without any effort. The lake was originally known by native North Americans as the lake of the healing waters because of its therapeutic properties. One of the nation’s oldest mineral spas can be found here in the Manitou Springs Mineral Spa.