The Logical Survival Source Inside A Small Significant Card

This is not a memory card, nor a card for your laptop. This is a card that will help you in any extreme situation of your camping journey. The Tool Logic Survival Card is very useful for anyone who often goes for outdoor activities. The tool is packed with many features and offers a lot of options.

tool logic survival card

The company producer of this card is Tool Logical, which always surprised us with different products when it comes to convenient way to have your camping pleasures.

The card is equipped with all the lifesaving goods. It comes with a knife, made with stainless steel and fixed blade. The Tool also offers a replaceable magnesium alloy fire starter, as well as Led flashlight, compass, toothpick and 8X power lens.

The card is easy to take with you and doesn’t require any special storage. The price of the Tool Logic Survival Card is $29.95.