Solar Powered Accessories For Your Camping Trip

People are only now waking up to the power and sustainability of solar energy, and if you can harness some of that for your camping trip, so much the better.

And what better time to power up those solar batteries than when you are tramping through the wilderness with plenty of access to the open air and sun.

Earlier we spoke about the solar power thermometer; here are some more ideas about solar powered accessories for your camping trip:

Solar power cookers and/or ovens

Solar cookers have been around for a while though their full potential has not been tapped yet. And really the potential of the solar cooker for hiking, camping, trekking etc is great!

This is because they need no batteries, no fuel, and nothing but good old sunshine to run on. These cookers trap and concentrate the heat and convey it to the food, reaching temperatures high enough to cook and bake.

Solar powered Camp Showers

The trouble with the great outdoors is that the water can get really cold right? Well this one offers a solution to this problem: the camp shower basically consists of large water bags made of plastic that absorb the rays of the sun to warm the water and retain that warmth. Many of these come with a pipe and shower head attached so that you can actually enjoy a proper shower.

A built in hook ensures that you are able to hang it on a convenient tree and enjoy a good wash. Many of these come with a shower stall which is the sort of collapsible play tent that kids use.

And there is a lot that you can use the warm water for around the camp without wasting fuel or causing any kind of fire hazard.

Solar power camp lights and torches

They need no disposable or rechargeable batteries so there is not environment waste here. The solar batteries get charged during the day and offer welcome light at night.

Solar Power radios

Many of these come with a built-in torch and therefore serve a dual purpose. And if you are wondering what to do with a solar power radio when you are back home, you can use them when you go biking, or when you are gardening etc.

Solar power back packs with chargers

If you are the sort that goes nowhere without the cell phone or iPod or laptop, this is the item for you. You are not likely to find convenient plug in points when camping, so you can do your recharging from this bag.

photo Credit: tuckett