Say Goodbye To Cold Camping Nights With Patagonia Jacket

For those of you that love outdoor activities, there is something that will literally warm you up. This is the latest offer from Patagonia and represents the best jacket line for camping.

Patagonia Men’s Guide Jacket is made for all-round camping usage. The jacket is produced by entirely new and modern technology that made the texture breathable, stretchy and durable. The Guide’s creators used a 4-way-strech polyester for double protection against cold and rain.

patagonia mens jacket

The comfort is secured by the textures and the silhouette, which is made to produce more light feeling and meanwhile, to give you protection against the cold. The jacket comes also with chamois lining on the collar and clean and simple look.

patagonia mens guide jacket

The good news for the campers that live by the rules of the green life style is that the Patagonia is totally recyclable due to Patagonia’s Common Threads Recycling Program, which is a program that company uses to provide recyclable and green products.