Rock And Relax While Camping

Anyone who enjoys the outdoor activities knows that relaxing and rest are the main reasons for camping.

There is now another reason to appreciate more your camping adventures – the Foot Propelled Rocking Outdoor Lounger. This invention might look as a chair, but it is not exactly that.

foot propelled rocking outdoor loungerIt is a perfect gear to repose yourself and enjoy getting in touch with nature, while your body is resting. Created with a press for the foot- actuated lever, the lounger fits ideally the lines of your body and suggests total relaxation for your afternoon slumber. It is made to provide more comfort for the body due to its options.

foot propelled rocking outdoor lounger 01

You can set up the lounger in two major positions, upright or reclined, only by repositioning the foot lever. The good news is that the lever is created to help your blood circulation and contribute to your relaxation, due to its reclined position, in which the legs are raised above the heart, so this way the blood circulation is better.

The Foot Propelled Rocking Outdoor Lounger is built to be stable and it is made with UV resistant textures.

Another advantage of this perfect resting gear is its stability due to zinc-plated hardware. It is also easy to set up. The price is $199.00.