Find Out All about the Right Sailing Jackets

Just as in case of any other kind of vacation, it is important to have the right gear on a sailing trip. When thinking about waterproofs you should make sure that you have the right jackets for the trip.

This way you won’t have to worry about weather and you will be able to enjoy your vacation comfortably and safely.

Right Sailing Jackets


There are a lot of different brands that you can find on the market. Those that have collections available in wide selections include West Marine, Columbia, Gill International, Helly Hansen, Jeantex, Mustang Survival and Henri Lloyd. The good thing about the products of these makers is that they are stylish, they look like regular rain jackets and you can wear them anytime.


If you are thinking about getting a new jacket you should look for it at sporting-goods stores, department stores and marine-supply stores. Since we live in the era of technology, naturally you can also find these goods in online stores.

Right Sailing JacketsFeatures

To ensure that you get a jacket of high quality, you should check for the  seams to be made with double stitches. This adds more strength. In the same time the entire jacket should be lined, including the sleeves.

You should be able to zip the collar all the way up and you should be able to zip the pockets as well. It is important for the jacket to be breathable.  The majority of the top brands offer inside pockets that are zippered.


When looking for a new jacket you should make sure that the one you get is roomy enough so that perspiration will be able to escape. It is also a good idea to have a complete set of waterproof gear.

This should contain gloves, pants and a hat. The type of the ship that you will be sailing on could also influence the choice that you make. Some of the sailing ships have more inside area than other ships.

There are some jackets that were specially created to be used on ships that have more open area. Remember that the more protection your jacket offers you, the more you will enjoy your vacation.

As you can see there is a lot to consider when it comes to sailing jackets. Last but not least you should also think about the style of the jacket. If you look good, most probably you will also feel good.