Nothing Is More Practical Than A Compact Travel Bag

A bag that carries over 20 liters and is actually smaller than a tennis ball?

You got that right! We are talking about the new Ultra-Sil Shopping (Daypack) Bag which weighs very little when empty but can unfold and become an excellent companion for unplanned shopping or simply an extra luggage when you haven’t got space for another bag.

It can fit in your car’s glove compartment and even in the palm of your hand! The material it is made of (by the name of Cordura) is water-resistant and also reinforced by the use of silicone, which assures you it will not easily break. With all these advantages (and a range of five colors you can choose from), the price is less than what you would probably expect (less than 28 dollars, with the possibility of finding even better deals on the Internet).

One of the main disadvantage of this smart bag, though: if you don’t pay very good attention, it might hurt your back as a cause of too much weight and the lack of a back-protecting enforcement in the rear.

The producers have said the number of Ultra-Sils on the market is relatively small at the moment, but that soon enough we will find it in various locations. Until then, you can always check the product page of Sea to Summit and get a full update on what’s going on with one of the most practical bags ever invented.

Source: practicaltravelgear