Not Your Usual Camping Torch But For Sure A Spectacular And Handy One

As camping lanterns are concerned, so many of us care more about the functionality than about the looks. Still, a gadget like this is something we buy with the purpose of having a helping hand in the dark camping nights when we need to go look for stuff people on camping usually look for.

After being awarded the Innovations Honoree Product Award for Eco-Design and Sustainable Technology at 2009 Consumer Electronics show for the Freeplay ML1, you can be sure that this clever lamp meets all the necessary standards you may require in LED camping lamps.

Equipped with a standard NiMH rechargeable battery you can plug in at home and a 45 mm LED that can offer you 6 hours of light the ML1 is for sure something anybody could use when going camping.

You can adjust the strength of the light beam to preserve the energy and also use the dimmer switch to direct the light towards your desired target.

The good news is that you can get this cute, eco-friendly lamp for just $57.