Midwest Mountaineering Awarded The Outdoor Retailer Of The Year

Every year one special ceremony brings together the large majority of outdoor retail markets with the purpose to choose the winner of the year.

hiking retailerThis year at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show, hosted in Salt Lake City there is one winner, pronounced as the best outdoor retailer of the year.

The winner is Midwest Mountaineering Company, which has a 40-years old history and turns out to be the best brand when you choose clothes and accessories for camping, sport and other outside activities.

The company offers everything you need for outdoor activity. The founder of this store is Rod Johnson who grew his company until it reached this point. 25 years later from the date it was founded, Midwest Mountaineering started to host the Outdoor Adventure Expo, which is now known for educating people from all over the world.

The logo, which Midwest Mountaineering holds from the beginning of its existence, is “Sharing Passion for the Outdoors“. This turns to be the favorite motto for everyone, who adores camping, sports and life in nature.

The success of Rod Johnson’s store is hidden behind the quality of products, education programs and innovation.

Midwest Mountaineering was chosen by thousand voters based on their favorite and most useful store, which provides services and best care for outdoor activities.