How To Choose The Best Sleeping Pad For Camping?

The right sleeping pad is often an issue for many campers. In case you haven’t chosen your sleeping pad yet, here are few tips that may help you find the right pad for your camping activity.

There are three types of sleeping pads that are good for camping. These are rigid foam, self inflating and inflatable models. There are of course other types of sleeping pads, but when it comes to camping these are the models that provide more comfort in the nights outdoors.

sleeping pads for camping 1

The good news is that even if you choose to sleep in a hammock, you can place the sleeping pad on it and it will be super comfortable.

The rigid foam is inexpensive and affordable, but it is not as comfortable as the other types of sleeping pads, but yet it is very useful, because it is durable and light. Some campers prefer it, for it doesn’t take much space and it isn’t heavy.

sleeping pads for camping 2

The self inflating sleeping pads are without doubt super comfortable, for they are made with special formula and usually are encased in an air fabric sleeve, which is very tight. They are also very compact to transport, for they are made to be portable.

The inflatable sleeping pad is a bit heavier, but is known as the most comfortable type of sleeping pad. It requires simple inflating just like a balloon.