How To Camp In A Hammock?

Among many campers and outdoor activities lovers, the hammock is quite good alternative, while camping.

Using the hammock instead of a tent has its advantages and despite it isn’t very popular, it is actually very comfortable and practical. First of all the hammocks are lightweight and easier to set up than the tents.

hammock 1

The second main reason of its usage as a shelter is the fact that the hammocks are more affordable than the tent.

Of course when we speak about camping, the first thing we shall consider is the comfort. Just as any tent, the hammock provides comfort and guarantees a good sleep at night. In case you are going to take a hammock instead of tent, you need to consider some recommendations about it.

hammock 2

First and most important is to check the landscape, because dead trees can be dangerous. Tie your hammock only to solid trees, because this is a guarantee your hammock will be stable.

Always check on the hammock ropes. Some hammocks are made with tiny ropes, so avoid buying those.

Instead, search hammocks stable ropes, which will not weaken or break with your weight. Another issue to consider is the knots. Tying proper knots means you will be undisturbed, when camping, so go for knots like bowline or the fisherman’s knots.