GoLite Arcadia – A Cool Reliable 3 Camping Tent

Any camper knows that one of the most important things, when camping is exactly the right tent. There are thousands of companies that are suggesting tents with super options, but alas, many of them are not comfortable for the lovers of outdoor activities.

The company of GoLite knows this and therefore, it produced a bespoke model of tent to fit all the needs people might have when outdoors.

The GoLite Arcadia 3 Camping Tent is made as a spacious tent that can be used by 3 campers. The motto of the company is comfort and most likely that’s why they created a tent, which is easy to set up and proves to be very resistant on bad weather conditions.

The Arcadia 3 is produced with rear and front doors and also has an optional vestibule. The spacious tent is made with an innovative green system. The tent is recyclable and in an environmental conscious way the company used only 90% of the resources normally used to make a tent.

Other good news about GoLite latest tent is that it is made with an optimized ground-lever airflow, which means you won’t sleep literally on the ground. The price of the Arcadia 3 is $500, but still it is the perfect tent for family camping and outdoor fun.