GoLite – A Smart Choice For Backpacking

Hiking on long distances or climbing can prove to be extremely difficult if you are carrying too big of a weight on your back.

GoLite comes with an ingenious solution for that kind of problems: the GoLite Peak Backpack 2010, which only weights one pound and eleven ounces but can carry up to forty liters.

The secret of this amazing trip companion is its detachable convertabelt, which is nothing else but a really smart hip belt that cuts the weight and makes the backpack much more stable, therefore easier to carry.

Its back pad is detachable too and it also comes with zippers that increase the security of the pockets, special places for your water bottle, your hydration bladder and your trekking pole.

GoLite has a simple philosophy to guide their activity, and that is “less weight means less fuss, less waste and more fun”; they try to make your outdoor experience trouble free and they start by making it lighter.

The suggested price for the newest GoLite backpack (which will be in stores starting this February in different colors and sizes) is of about $125. Once you use it, you will be convinced trekking and hiking were never before as light as they can become now.