Folding Bicycle: Your Most Convenient Travel Mate

Folding bicycle is really very practical to lug around as they are easy to transport and store. You won’t even need any special racks or storage devices for these kinds of bikes; you simply put them inside a case and carry it around in your car, train, boat or even ride a plane.

Compared to non foldable bikes and mountain bikes, a folding bicycle can be more expensive. But even with this factor, one would realize how advantageous having a folding bicycle is especially when you go outdoors.

These days, you also have a lot of choices when it comes to folding bicycle makers. They now have a lot of models which allow easier and more convenient loading and unloading. You can choose from a wide variety of lightweight yet durable bicycles depending on your needs and budget.

Why use a folding bicycle?

1. Everyday convenience

Folding bicycle is not only for campers as many urban dwellers are now becoming more supportive of walking and biking. With folding bicycle, even city dwellers can now bike their way to work.

Biking enthusiasts will also find it more convenient to carry around a folding bicycle especially if they have to travel far. If you are going camping and planning to tour the area, a folding bicycle can take you to places faster.

2. Easy storage

A non-foldable bike requires space. In addition, you need to keep an eye on it or secure it in the parking area with a reliable lock. The best thing about a folding bicycle is that it frees you from the usual worries of parking your bike just about anywhere.  Folding bicycle can be stored inside the house, at the back of your truck, or even in the locker room.

3. Superior performance

Many people also have the misconception that folding bicycle is heavier, more rickety and difficult to fold and unfold. Some also think that riding on a folding bicycle is not as smooth as riding a regular bike.

However, these are just misconceptions since it is not different from other bikes out there. Right now there is a lot of quality folding bicycle makers with models to suit your needs. These new folding bikes have optimized performance which guarantees to give you your ride of a lifetime.

4. Amazing features

Aside from being foldable, folding bicycle has a more responsive handling compared to the full-sized bicycles although they can take some time of getting used to. It is not advisable to try some stunts when using these types of bikes.

Small wheeled folding bikes have gears which are higher to compensate, though limited gearing on some models can slow you down. If you want something that would perform well, you might want to look at a higher-end performance folding bicycle.

There are also models which can fold and unfold quickly. On the other hand, tall riders may also use a folding bicycle with adjustable fit for a more comfortable ride.

Photo Credit: mannyvv