Cool Portable Furniture To Make Your Camping Trip Just A Bit More Like Home

The days of using the top of your cooler for a table are over. There are so many cool and portable pieces of furniture on the market that are made especially for camping and campers.

REI Camp CouchNo more balancing your plate on the ground or your knees and no more sporks flying around the campsite.

There is a portable table made by a company called the Quecha Portable Low Table. This portable table comes complete with two built in cup holders. The table is made from strong tensioned fabrics and has the support of steel tubing.

You can get one for just $20 and they are lightweight and extremely portable. The Quecha Portable Low Table fits into its own tube bag when it is not in use for perfect and minimal stowaway capacity.

While eating at your portable low table you may want to sit closely to your significant other. How could you sit closely to your wife without sitting in separate folding chairs? There are portable folding camping couches now that you can buy on the camping market.

The REI Camp Couch is 40 inches wide and has integrated drink holders on both sides in the arms. The REI Camp Couch also has its own bag to store it in when it is not in use and is easily portable and lightweight for easy storage capacity.

The REI Camp Couch is also very easy to set up. While it is a bit more expensive and not as affordable as some of the other camping gadgets out there in the camping market world, the camp couch is made heavy duty constructed with thick walled steel.

The REI Camp Couch is so sturdy that it also has 600 denier polyester fabric. The REI Camp Couch is a must-have for the camping couple.

Now perhaps you want to combine the first two pieces of portable furniture we introduced you to in which case the Coleman Deck Chair with Table is a perfect match of portable camping furniture for you.

The folding chair comes with a small table (about the size of a tray on an airplane) to the right of your chair and the tray/table has a built in cup holder. If you have a Coleman Deck Chair with Table at your camp site there is literally no reason to leave your seat.

The deck chair has extra comfort with a roomy sea and is oversized and the arms come with armrest covers. The chair also comes complete with a padded back and seat and armrests.