Cool Jacket For Not So Cool Camping Adventures

When you go camping and are spending time outside in the heart of nature, you need special clothes, which are offering you comfort. Most of the clothes for outdoor activities are heavy and don’t allow you to move freely.

There is one company, which combines freedom and comfort in one. Helly Hansen brand is well known brand for those who want to have their free time outside without any problem.

helly hansen voss womens jacket

The company is now offering you one jacket, which will change your mind about the outdoor clothes. Helly Hansen Voss Woman’s Jacket is a jacket which finally brings wind and waterproof protection, without being heavy and uncomfortable.

The jacket is made of polyurethane, containing stretching fabric and allowing water protection. It is strengthened with laminated polyester and comes with a zipper and snap cuffs for safety protection in bad weather conditions.

The nylon knit and the special polyester make this jacket extremely comfortable and easy to wear. The price is only $39.

Source: campist