Choose Smartly Your Rock Climbing Gear

Rock climbing is a serious outdoor adventure and it is essential that you have the right rock climbing gear for your safety.  There is not a lot that is needed when out rock climbing but you sure do need the best gear that can be afforded. The equipment should be chosen with care.

Two most important rock climbing gear that are required are the quickdraws and the rope. Both of these equipments need to be of a good quality to ensure your safety when you are indulging in this adventure sport.

rock climbing gearA quickdraw is used as a link between the rope and the rock wall. When properly used they can keep you safe if you happen to fall while rock climbing. A quickdraw is a rock climbing gear which is basically two carbiners which have been attached with a sling.

One of the most essential things that help you decide on the quickdraw that you choose is the type of gate the carbiner has. It is usually available with a straight gate, a bent gate and a wire gate. The least expensive of the lot are quickdraws with a straight gate carbiner.

The ones with bent gate carbiners are easier to attach to a rope and slightly more expensive. The most expensive is the wire gate carbiner quickdraws. They are the easiest to handle and also the strongest of the three and it is surely one essential rock climbing gear.

The next thing to consider is the sling length and the sling width. The sling length will determine how much traversing is allowed before the rope drag increases. Quickdraws are normally available in sling lengths of 10-20 cms.

The shorter ones are better if you are climbing for sport, the longer ones are better for trad climbing. The slings can be changed to suit your needs. Quickdraws with wide slings can be heavier than the ones with narrow slings but will last longer. Wide slings can be a little inconvenient as they do not bend easily.

Check for a rubber sheath on the quickdraws, for it is an essential feature as ropes are generally clipped into it. This keeps the carbiner straight and saves time on clipping.

Another important thing to keep in mind for  a rock climbing gear are the light quickdraws which are a better choice as one usually needs to have a dozen or more of them when rock climbing. So what may seem like a few grams really adds up and can make a difference on a particular hard climb.

Some recommended quickdraws are Wild Country Helium’s, Black diamond Quicksilver’s and Petzl Spirit’s.

Another very important rock climbing gear is the rope. The right rope is essential for your safety when rock climbing. A few things one needs to keep in mind are the strength, construction and diameter of the trope. Rock climbing ropes generally use the kernmantle construction. The inner core of the rope is covered with an outer weaved sheath.

You will need to look for a sheath you are comfortable handling. Also the flexibility of the rope is essential as a flexible rope will be easier to handle when knotting. Another factor to remember is that the larger the diameter the stronger the rope, but heavier too. So you will need to pick a rope that is right for your need.

When you go out rock climbing, check your rock climbing gear thoroughly before leaving. The rope should be dry and damage free to keep you safe.