Camping With The Solar Power At Your Side

We have obviously entered the time of solar powered gadgets.

Most of you already have one and those who don’t, are probably on the lookout to finding some.

Here is a bright replacement for the classic thermometer, a solar powered window one that comes with suction cups, useful for any kind of glass surface.

Of course, you will not need to worry about batteries and you can put it both inside and outside, depending on the temperature you want to measure. The only request it has is that the sun light reaches it so it can work on its energy. The temperatures are displayed on a large LCD which also remembers the maximums and minimums of the last day.

The display contains both Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees which can go from minus 20 Celsius to plus 60 Celsius or minus 4F to plus 140F.  You will not have to worry about moving or storing your Solar Power Window Thermometer for it is only 4 inches in diameter.

In conclusion, no toxic components, practical, easy to move around and cute with its semi transparent design, lightly colored in blue, nature friendly with no batteries, no worries and no waste, the Solar Powered Thermometer is a great device to use in your camping trips so that the weather will never surprise you. And its price is around $25.

Source: envirogadget