Camping Hammocks for Great Relaxation Outdoors

Generally, hammocks are used for rest and relaxation and these are a great addition to your camping gear. Camping hammocks come in various sizes and shapes. Hammocks are great for indoors or outdoors as they are widely used in wooded areas, backyard or camping.

camping hammocksBasically hammocks are of three types and are made from rope, fabric or string mesh webbing. You can suspend a hammock between two trees, posts or floor stands.

Rope camping hammocks: These are the most commonly used ones, most strong and are least expensive among all the three types. These hammocks are cooler to the skin as they are made with cotton polyester blend rope and they allow for easy airflow from the weaves of the hammock. Rope hammocks can more readily conform to your body.

Cotton rope camping hammocks are suitable for people who get their hammocks outside on a regular basis for storage. Hammocks made from polyester are weather resistant and are most preferred from camping. Mesh-fabric and rope hammocks are least comfortable ones.

Fabric hammocks: They offer a constant surface. They are made from various fabrics from natural to synthetic. They are light weight and easy to carry, handle and set up when compared to rope hammocks.

As they easily conform to your body, you can use them as an alternative to beds. Their maintenance is very simple, but they won’t offer as much ventilation as a rope hammock. Some of the synthetic fabrics offer resistance to moisture.

String or Mayan style hammocks: These hammocks have been designed for thousands of years. Native artisans hand weave these hammocks into a web-like design so that they are very light weight and conform to any body shape.

You will find these hammocks in bright and multi colors and in contrast to the white rope or cotton hammocks.

How to camp in a hammock?

Hammocks are good alternative to the traditional camping tents. Hammocks are not only suitable for backpackers but also for common campers. Campers who use hammocks are often called as ‘treehangers’. With a little practice, you can use the hammock in any kind of weather such as cold, rain, high winds, etc.

Hand warmers, rain flies and netting keep you away from toasty warm and from nagging bugs. There are various advantages to use a hammock while camping. They are lightweight and are inexpensive and easier to set up than a tent.

You can use hammocks in any kind of landscape. In addition to good night’s sleep, camping hammocks are great choice for relaxation when hanging out around camp.

Things you need to consider while using camping hammocks

Look for dead trees: Evaluate the integrity of trees you are planning to fix the hammock to. Make sure that they are strong and not fall down when put under pressure.

Check the ropes: Ensure that the ropes of camping hammocks are strong so that they can bear your weight. Tie good knots while using camping hammocks. Taut-line hitch, bowline and fisherman knots are most important.