A Camping GPS Or A Bit More Than What You Are Familiar With

Anyone who loves gadgets knows the excitement of using something brand new that might actually improve your outdoor activities.

Garmin Edge 500 GPS 01This is exactly why the Garmin Edge 500 GPS was produced. In case you are wondering how this device would help you while camping, the answer is simple. This is a lightweight GPS cycling computer that is made for special performances.

This GPS-based system is capable of tracking your distance, speed, climb, burned calories, altitude etc.

Garmin Edge 500 GPS 02The Garmin Edge 500 possesses a system with Hot Fix satellite that is able to calculate your location and position. The device is made with a barometric altimeter, which shows precisely any change in the elevation.

The smart electronic creation comes with temperature readings and it is very proper for hikers that want to find out the difficulties on their route and compare their performances. There is even an option Auto Pause, as well as Auto Lap that compares your results with your previous rides over similar or the same route.