7 Effective Tips On Shopping For That Perfect Climbing Gear

Climbing is an extreme sport. It’s something that not everyone could easily enter in. Stamina, good oxygenation, sufficient practice and good muscle tone are the things a person must possess and build before he decides to engage in it.

If you have all of these but still haven’t tried climbing you need only one thing more and that is the best climbing gear.

Climbing gear refers to equipment used to ensure safety for people who engage in climbing. It consists of harnesses, climbing ropes, climbing helmets and many more, depending on what the person prefers to include.

There are climbing gears which are very important and some that you may do away with. In shopping for your climbing gear, you must know which ones are more important. Before you get excited, be properly guided in shopping for your gear.

7 tips for climbing gear shopping

1. Shop with someone

If it is possible, shop with someone who knows what climbing gear you have to buy. A climbing enthusiast or somebody who had gone mountain climbing before will know exactly which type of climbing gear is right for you.

A company who knows you and what you need and want in a climbing gear will always be better than a sales representative from a store.

2. Window shopping

Compare camping gear shop and their prices for common climbing gears and equipment. If there are 5 camping gear shops then check them all out.

Choose the shop which offers the greatest quality for the lowest possible cost. This is a very simple tip to remember especially when you are after getting your money’s worth.

3. Budget your money

Think about how much you are willing to pay for a climbing gear. Do not go into stores without a definite idea about your limits in terms of money.

This will only make you spend more than you ought to. Be wise in handling money. Plan ahead how much you are willing to spend for a climbing gear.

mountain climbing gear4. Know the basics

Knowing the basic climbing gear will give you a clear idea of what to buy first. Harnesses, helmets, and ropes are more important than avalanche transceivers. Knowing the basics lets you know your immediate need as a beginning climber.

5. Try it on

If you have chosen harnesses, shoes, helmets, and the rest, try each of them on. They must fit you perfectly and not make you feel uncomfortable.

Of course it is a totally different thing when you use them for climbing. Climbing gear that feels uncomfortable at the onset will definitely not feel more comfortable while you’re out there climbing.

6. Buy in bulk

If you have decided on the climbing gear that you want to buy, buy them in bulk. Often times buying a set will save you more money because of the discounts than buying them individually.

7. Shop for a day

Make it a point to decide to shop for climbing gear only for a day. Anything longer than that may predispose you to changing your mind. This advice is most beneficial for women who take longer time to choose.