Keeping Kids Interested Without Computer Games

campingFor some, children in particular suddenly finding themselves without their computer games console, laptop or television can be a big adjustment, so at the start of a camping vacation there needs to be a few activities to get the ball rolling.

To start with get them involved in as much as possible, collecting wood for the fire or determining the layout of the campground.

Children love to be given responsibilities so trust in them to get a job done. There are plenty of small tasks that will not only make your life easier but get them used to living out in the open.

Once everyone is settled in, then planning each day’s events is the next job that children can become involved in. Let them have the time to find out what activities are being organized locally that may interest them.

Suggest fishing, hiking etc and just as you do at home plan some time that you will spend all together as a family. [Family Camping]

The chances are that your children will soon make friends and making adventures all of their own.

Around the camp fire, as it is getting later and nearing bedtime, make it a story telling time, so kids can unwind after a long action packed day.

Everyone can find at least one incident that has happened to them, while others will be happy to entertain everyone with long and colorful tales. Maybe pick a different theme each night, to keep it interesting.

There are plenty of ball games or other types of entertainment and it is surprising how inventive children can quickly become without the distraction of modern technology.