How To Camp With Older Kids?

camping with kidEnsure that you take essential camping gear along with you especially when camping with kids.

However, because they tend to want to take their own kid-size camping equipment such as sleeping bags, flashlights, allow them to pack their own camping gear.

Kids love the thrill of having their own tent and being allowed to help with cooking.

Allow them to bring their favorite foodstuffs and make a list which lets them pick what they want. Include your kids in various camp chores and cleaning.

Keep your kids busy

Compile a list of children’s camping activities to keep them busy during the trip. When traveling to your campsite, you can choose from a variety of travel games to play such as camp songs, bingo, name of the state capitals, etc.

After entering the campsite, allow your children to help pitch the tent. Remember the things that you loved to do in your childhood such as creating shadow puppets on the walls of the tent or telling ghost stories.

Another good idea to keep your kids busy is to give them disposable cameras to take photos of the trip. After you get home, frame their special photos or let them make their own album to show their friends and family.

Take your children fishing and swimming

Fishing is a very entertaining activity for children. Give your kids tips for fly fishing and you are sure to have an entertaining time.

Swimming is also a fun-filled activity for children, but remember that you must accompany your children at all times.