A Simple Way to Make Your Own Cat Can Stove

When you are going camping it makes good sense to carry light stuff with you which are practical and functional. The same applies to a stove. Your stove should be spill proof and handy, in addition it should be functional as well. Making a stove out of a cat food can is going to give you all that. Here is a simple step by step guide to making your own cat can stove.

Making your own cat can alcohol stove

To make a cat can stove you will require:

  • A can of any commercial cat food.
  • A single hole punch machine.
  • A can of alcohol like denatured alcohol or methyl alcohol.
  • Gas lighter
  • A pot in which you will heat or cook food
  • A metal sheet like a metal baking for putting your cat can stove on.
  • A metal sheet that is rolled and the ends clipped together to protect the flame in the stove from draughts.

Procedure to make a cat can stove:

  • Empty the contents of the can of cat food. Remove the label from the can. Preserve the cat food in another container or pour it in your cat’s food bowl to be devoured.
  • Wash the can and even out the sharp edges inside the can with the back of a metal spoon.
  • Now with the permanent marker, mark off 16 equal parts on the top of the can. Extend these marks to go down the outside surface to about one-third of the can.
  • Now using your lines as guide, punch out 16 holes into the can at the top of the can side, with the hole puncher.
  • Now punch another line of holes below the previous line of holes alternating space between the holes to form a kind of zig zag pattern of holes.
  • Place the can with the punched out holes in the middle of a metal tray.
  • Pour the denatured or methyl alcohol into the can. 1 oz of alcohol should be enough.
  • Light the alcohol with a lighter. Do not be afraid as this type of alcohol will not explode.
  • The flame might be unsteady and sputter. Wait till the flame is steady and strong.
  • Now place the rolled metal sheet to encircle your cat can stove to save the flame from draughts.
  • Place the pot directly on the stove burner so that the flame starts coming out from the side holes.
  • You are all set to make tea or boil the chow on your cat can stove.