Bio Camp Stove Or A Light Way Of Cooking Green In The Outdoors

In case you are keen on outdoor activities and you insist to live inspired by the green ideas, take a look at the BioLite stove. This camping stove is entirely based on a new green technology that reduces the smoke emission by 95 percent.

The green camping stove is portable, powerful and mostly-efficient. It burns powerfully as it uses less fuel compared to a common stove. Biolite boils the water two times faster than a typical petroleum fuel stove.

biolite camp stove

The producers of this green camping device have worked a lot to impress the camping lovers. Biolite is faster and better thanks to its thermoelectric generator.

The generator is working with a special system that can be charged with portable electronics through a simple USB. It weighs a pound and a half, but the good news is that you don’t need to carry a fuel.


The Biolite will be released later this year. The expectation for the camping gadgets are great, especially after the statistics pointed out that over 3 billion people are using solid fuel for cooking and the toxic smoke from the indoor fire kills 1.6 million people each year. This camping device is surely one step close to the greener future.